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Generic Name : Clobetasol Propionate Cream
Brand Name : Temovate
Price : $ 4.50
Strength(s) : 0.05%
Expiry : 2025
Delivery : 7 - 15 Days
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Per Unit
2 Tube
$ 20.00
$ 10.00
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5 Tube
$ 35.00
$ 7.00
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10 Tube
$ 45.00
$ 4.50
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What is Clobetasol Cream used for?

The Clobetasol Cream works better on weepy or damp skin. For areas of skin that are dry or flaky, ointment is preferable because it is thicker and greaser. Sometimes, fingertip units are used to determine how much cream or ointment to apply. You can squeeze this much cream or ointment onto your fingertip.

An area of skin that is twice the size of your hand’s palm can be treated with one fingertip unit of cream. The appropriate amount of cream for infants and kids varies on their age. You can get advice from a doctor or a pharmacist.

How to Apply Clobetasol Cream

  • Sanitize your hands.
  • Over the area of skin irritation, apply a thin layer of the cream or ointment.
  • In the direction that your hair grows, gently pat it on your skin.
  • Avoid applying the cream or ointment to cuts or broken skin.
  • Afterwards, wash your hands (unless you’re treating your hands).
  • Apply the clobetasol cream or ointment to all regions of the skin that are inflamed, not just the worst ones.
  • Try to give it between 8 and 12 hours if you use it twice a day.

Using clobetasol concurrently with other Clobetasol Creams or ointments, such as a moisturizer, is not advised. The use of clobetasol and any other product should be separated by at least 30 minutes. Wait at least 10 minutes after using clobetasol if you need to use a dressing, such as a bandage or plaster.