Excessive Use Of Phones & Technologies

Your eyes are the doorways to many hearts. So, if your doorways to people’s hearts are closed, that’s probably because your vision to see them has got really bad! Trust me, this wasn’t a joke but something for you to ponder and work upon. In the midst of a tiresome and heavy professional life, people often forget how much time they’re endlessly spending on their computers and tablets or even on their mobile phones. Your eyesight at the start may seem just fine, but this gradually gives birth to blurry visions and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Haven’t heard of this before right? Don’t worry. Neither have I! But, here I am, sharing with you some insights that’s going to save you a lot of money.

The Bank Of America had conducted a study back in the year 2019, where they spoke about the trend witnessed worldwide, on how people have turned their eyes from books and typewriters to mobiles and laptops for work, study or just time pass. The moment you wake up, you experience the urge of using your phones and continue the tryst with digital screens till you’re on the bed at night. Many of us are on our phones even at 3-4 am. However, an increased communication with digital screens has resulted in CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), which is a condition damaging the eyesight’s leading to vision-related problems from prolonged computer, e-reader and mobile phone use. 

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What Really Causes CVS?

A group of eye and vision problems that include itching, tear, dry and red eyes. Your eyes may also feel tired or uncomfortable and you may experience trouble in focusing things. These problems are a general reason why we see Blue Rays screens for computers and specs. These problems are an increasing frequency since many years and many people have had visible symptoms and misunderstood it for just an increased number of their spectacles.

Reading text on your computer’s screen or digital screen gets really hard then reading text on printed readings. That is why working on a computer for a few hours may cause symptoms of digital eye strain which is CVS and reading a book may not. There are a few reasons for it are:

  • Poor lighting
  • Bad posture while using computer
  • Screen glare
  • Working on your computer at the wrong distance and angle.

Tips To Combat Computer Vision Syndrome

  1. Find a way on how to adjust your viewing angle
  2. Reduce your glare side 
  3. Use the 20-20 rule. Which is look away from your screen after every 20 mins at something 20 feet away
  4. Blink as often as you can
  5. Get your eyes checked at regular times
  6. Limit your screen time

If you’re someone who has encountered CVS and it has reached its peak, then probably treating it with Bimatoprost Ophthalmic is the best option. To know more about this drop, you can visit Pillsmart.co. An FDA approved online pharmaceutical company that provides the best eye care medication for any problems that you may not find treatment for.


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