Hair Loss- The balding problem: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hair loss is a major disorder which is facing the millennia. It is the inability of the scalp to replace the broken or lost hair. Gradually the scalp completely loses its ability to replace the lost hair thus making baldness permanent.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Some of the most common symptoms of hair loss are premature greying of hair, thinning of hair, and abnormal hair fall. It has been observed that the hair fall was mostly restricted to men but it is seen in women as well.

While the hair loss is in the form of an inverted M in the case of men, in women it is more on the sides, revealing the scalp. In most cases the damage is so severe that baldness becomes irreversible.

Unusual thinning of hair is also a cause of concern. It is most common in mid-age individuals who have reached mid-management in the corporate ladder. Thin hair also reveals the scalp and can be termed as a form of baldness.

Premature greying of hair is another major concern the millennia faces. It is defined as the unusual and abnormal greying of hair in copious amounts before the ripe age of 60. These days even the youngsters in the age bracket of 35/45 are also suffering from this issue.

Causes of Hair Loss

One of the primary causes of abnormal hair loss is stress and pollution. With rapid urbanization came a change in the lifestyle and to sustain that lifestyle came the need earn more and spend more. This lead to a complete dismantling of the social fabric leading of gigantic proportions leading to never experienced before stress.

Stress was and continues to remain the leading cause of hair loss and other millennia disorders among youngsters. It is known to have a perilous effect on blood pressure, weight, metabolism, sexual libido, and lastly hair loss.

It is medically proven that the body needs at least 7/8 hours of sleep which unfortunately, it is deprived off by the current generation. A generation which indulges in a hedonistic lifestyle, late-night socializing and binge alcohol drinking unleashes a never seen and never experienced before torture on the body giving it no time to recuperate. Thus leading to all the disorders which could and should have been ideally avoided.

Treatment for hair loss

There is no medication available that can reverse permanent hair loss. Baldness does not have a natural cure, at best it can be arrested but not reversed. However, there are other options including surgery to artificially weave the hair to the scalp.

Natural Remedies to Arrest Hair Loss

Though there is no permanent remedy to treat baldness, the individual always has the option of arrest the hair loss. A patient is needed to give adequate rest to his and avoid the consumption of meat and alcohol. Alcohol singularly remains the leading cause of millennia diseases and thus should be avoided. Additionally, a balanced vegetarian diet and regular exercise is also advised.