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Generic Name : Bimatoprost
Brand Name : Lumigan Eye Drop
Price : $ 25.00
Strength(s) : 0.03%
Expiry : 2025
Delivery : 7 - 15 Days
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2 Bottles
$ 60.00
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$ 135.00
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What are Lumigan Eye Drops used for?

The ophthalmic drug bimatoprost, which is present in Lumigan Eye Drops 3 ml, is used to treat elevated or increased pressure in the eye. Glaucoma is a condition that could result from it. Lumigan Eye Drops, 3 ml, can be taken by themselves or with additional medications. The optic nerve is harmed by the eye illness glaucoma. This injured nerve causes an unexpected rise in ocular pressure.

The prostaglandin analogue bimatoprost is found in Lumigan Eye Drops, 3 ml. High ocular pressure is its main indication for use. It functions by boosting aqueous humour (the fluid in the eye) production and decreasing ocular pressure.

Only external use is permitted for Lumigan Eye Drops, 3 ml. Break the seal and wash your hands before using it to prevent infection. If you wear contact lenses, take them out before applying Lumigan Eye Drops 3 ml, and you can reapply them 15 minutes later. In some circumstances, you might feel eye irritation and conjunctival hyperemia (eye inflammation). The majority of these Lumigan Eye Drops 3 ml adverse effects are transient, do not need medical treatment, and go away over time. Nonetheless, contact your doctor if the adverse effects continue to bother you.